Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ghost Tour de France

With the Tour de France well underway, I thought it'd be interesting to take a ghost tour of France. The trouble is, I had a hard time finding ghost stories from France!


I figured finding ghost tours in France, or ghost stories from France, would be as easy as finding them for England. It doesn't seem that the French have embraced the concept of ghost tours in all their historic places as readily as the English have, though.

Paris had one, but the rest of France seems like an untapped market for anyone looking for a place to branch out into paranormal tourism.

Still, I did find a few places that would make fun Haunt Jaunts if you happen to make it to France. (Not to mention they just look like neat places you might like to visit period, ghost enthusiast or no, if you're ever over there.)

  • Disneyland Paris - The children's section has had reports of "mysterious vortex of energy" haunting the area.
  • Monts d'Arree - The locals have a spot they deemed the Gates of Hell because of all the ghost sightings. Legend has it a little girl was sacrificed by devil worshippers there. Her ghost, along with a demon dog, are the ones most frequently reported. (Interesting to note: A nuclear reactor was built on the site, so if you find that start looking for ghosts!)
  • Basilica at Domremy - Joan of Arc's ghost is thought to haunt here.
  • Versailles - Marie Antoinette's entire court is said to haunt the gardens of Trianon.


  • Best Western Bretagne Montparnasse - Stay in Paris and have a hauntingly good time with a ghost said to wake you from your dreams to find a bright, wispy blue hand and arm over your face.
  • Paris Catacombs - On the Shadowlands site it says there was a video camera found with footage showing a terrified man running from something unseen, but the man was never found. Sounds like the Blair Witch Project to me. But of course with so many bones, all of which were transplanted from other cemeteries, there might be a restless spirit or two lurking down there...
  • The Eiffel Tower - Did an angry boyfriend throw his girlfriend to her death after she refused to say yes to his proposal of marriage? Her ghost is said to be heard first laughing, then saying no, then screaming as she falls to her death.


  • Brissac Castle - This is one of the castles in the famed, fairytale land of the Loire Valley. It's dubbed "The Giant of the Loire Valley" because its seven stories make it the tallest of France's castles. Said to be haunted by Jacques de Breze's wife, Charlotte and her lover, who were killed together.


  • Mysteries of Paris Ghost Tour - I wasn't kidding when I started off saying the French haven't caught on to the boon of paranormal tourism yet. The cities first ever ghost tour just opened this past Spring. That blows me away given all of its history. I think of all the ghost tours in our oldest cities, which are just babies compared to Paris. But it was comforting because it explains why I had such a hard time finding ghost tour info for other French cities --they likely don't have ghost tours yet! (I smell opportunity for any of you ex-pats or wannabe ex-pats.)


  1. That's funny that there aren't a lot more haunt jaunts known to France since it's a much older country than the US. You'd think there'd be a great deal more "activity" there--and it's so beautiful I wouldn't doubt some lost souls would be reluctant to part from it!


  2. I'm saying! Glad I wasn't the only one shocked I couldn't find more.

  3. im heading to europe for a backpacking trip- starting in Zurich, heading to Nice, then Barcelona, then Pairs. I too was shocked at the lack of Ghost Tour information and thought that I just wasn't looking hard enough. Prague has them, Venice has them, but I can't find any in France.Think I know where I'm starting up my business-lol! Great article, thanks

  4. I think France is just screaming for a ghost tour biz. And if you start one hopefully I'll get to come visit and be one of your clients some day!

  5. Oops. Someone beat you to it : mysteriesofparis.com. However, a little "concurrance" could be a good thing :)