Monday, July 27, 2009

Make Reservations Now for October Ghost Tours

The time to make reservations for ghost tours in October is now. I discovered this thanks to my friend Amy. She thought it'd be fun to do a ghost tour with a group so she started asking people if they'd be interested.

I think initially she had in mind to do one any old time, but many people (including myself) said, "Oh, you mean around Halloween? Sure, that'd be fun."

But Amy wasn't so sure we could reserve places now for sometime in October. Nashville Ghost Tours was ranked #5 by the South China Morning Post. She thought they might already be booked up. However, she made a call and was told if she booked now she'd be guaranteed a spot for October.


I'm not sure exactly when we're going yet, but I'm looking forward to it. However, if you're also interested in gathering a group of friends to do a ghost tour in October around Halloween, might not be a bad idea to make your reservations now.


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  1. Fantastic post--great info! People ask me all the time how to start out in ghost hunting and I always tell them, start with a tour first and see if it feels right, then stay in a haunted hotel and monitor what happens in your room. Baby steps. The problem with most haunted places is limited access. Tours give you access to great places. Our local group, MVD Ghostchasers, does 4 workshops a year and Debe Branning (leader) manages to get into some great places for all-nighters. She keeps the group a reasonable size and we have some amazing experiences staying prisons and haunted hotels and such all night long. Groups are great--plus people who own haunted sites are more willing to let a group in and get paid than just let a few stragglers come and go without benefit.

  2. Thank you very much Autumnforest. Not only for the compliment, but also for giving me another idea to blog about! Also, how cool you know and have actually met in person Debe Branning! I saw you have her book on your website and I wondered if you might be in a group with her thanks to where you live, but I didn't know. That MVD Ghostchasers must be a very, very, very cool group with you 2 in it.