Thursday, July 30, 2009

Paranormal Parties

A paranormal pal of mine, Donna Marsh, recently let me know about a new business venture she's embarking on: Fun with Donna, which among other things hosts paranormal parties.

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Fueled in part by, I admit it, watching Ghost Hunters, I met Donna when I attended one of her Basic Ghost Hunting Workshops a couple of years ago. I dragged Wayne with me, who thinks I'm a bit cuckoo about all this ghost stuff but humors me anyway, and even he had a great time. Donna's very warm, personable, and entertaining. I imagine attending one of her parties would be quite the blast!


The main crux of her business is actually adult toy and goody sales. She caters to every kind of setup you can imagine:

  • Ladies Night Out
  • Bachelorette parties
  • Wedding showers
  • "Divorced Diva" parties (for the divorced woman who wants to celebrate her freedom)
  • Couples
  • Romance (learn tips and tricks for enriching your sex life)

However, as any good business person would, she's also added her own unique spin. Since she is a sensitive and a ghost hunter and understands people enjoy exploring this aspect of life, she also offers the following for paranormal parties:

  • Ghost hunting (in your home or at an off-site location of your choosing)
  • Seances
  • Psychic and medium readings
  • Spell crafting

For more info on the specifics of each, visit the "Parties" link on her site.


I think using haunt jaunts as fundraisers is an extremely clever and fun way for organizations or clubs to raise money, but Donna's putting a twist on it. She'll put her talent to work in a gallery-style psychic reading for your guests.

I see a lot of possibilities here. Including perhaps pairing this up with a ghost hunt too. All you'd need is a hotel or bar (or some other place with purported activity) to donate the space, sell a few tickets, maybe serve some food and drinks and voila! A really unique fundraising event people are sure to talk about long after.

For more info on fundraising parties with Donna, visit the "Fundraising" link on her site.


And of course if you do attend one of her paranormal parties, I'd love to hear all about it.

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