Monday, July 20, 2009

A Movie for Zombie Fans: Dead Snow

This post has nothing to do with Haunt Jaunting, but I came across a movie zombie fans might like to know about: Dead Snow. (I'm a sucker for zombie movies, so I was excited when I ran across this one.)


It's about eight medical students who spend Easter break at a mountain cabin in an area they learn was occupied by Nazi soldiers during World War II. The Nazis tortured the locals and stole their gold, which was put in a box the medical students find. The Nazis were chased into the forest where it was presumed they froze to death, but guess what? They're not dead. They're the living dead and they've come back to claim their gold.


It made its American debut at this year's Sundance Film Fest. As horror movies go this one got decent reviews for being a good blend of camp, humor, and gore.

Oh, and you might have picked up on the "American debut" part. Dead Snow is a foreign film. Not sure if it's Swedish or Norwegian, though. Fandango says it's presented in Swedish with English subtitles. But on the Sundance site it says it's from Norway. (Do they speak Swedish in Norway? I thought they spoke Norwegian? Or am I showing off my international ignorance again? Wouldn't be the first time...probably won't be the last...)

At any rate, it was released in June. If it's not still showing at a theater near you, it'll likely be available for rental very soon. I just added it to my Netflix queue.

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