Monday, August 3, 2009

Mere Bulles: Sunday Brunch Haunt Jaunt

Yesterday I discovered an unexpected Eerie Eatery Haunt Jaunt when Wayne took me to Sunday Brunch at Mere Bulles.


We had eaten at Mere Bulles before. Wayne took me there for lunch once. I didn't "feel" anything then, so I wasn't expecting to this time either. But I did. I know you sensitives out there will know what I'm talking about when I say that, but for those who've never experienced such a sensation I'll try and explain.

When we were standing in the entrance before the hostess seated us, something about the stairs leading up to the second level struck me. Yes, they are beautiful. (Mere Bulles occupies what used to be a home that went by the name Maryland Manor.) They curve and have wooden railings and the walls are painted a fabulous dark color. (But my mind isn't cooperating with me, and I didn't think to snap a picture. I can't remember if the paint was blue or green!) At any rate, it's very elegant.

I hadn't noticed them the other time we ate there. In fact, all I remember was that my food was good, it was around Christmastime, and the other tables were crowded with people enjoying the holidays.

But this time...this time was different. We weren't seated in one of the main rooms, but out in the sunroom. It was while I was sitting there enjoying every morsel of my eggs Benedict that I looked first at the bar area, then over to the room where the brunch buffet serving tables were set up and felt...something. Something different.

It was that same feeling I had in St. Augustine the first time, especially in the bathroom at Harry's: here there be ghosts.


After our meal I worked up my nerve and approached the hostess.

"Excuse me, I have a rather weird question for you. I don't know how to ask it exactly without coming off as crazy, but I was wondering if you have ghosts here?"

"As a matter of fact," she diverted her attention from me to where the remaining brunch-goers were still seated. "I don't see any of them now, but some of the servers who have been here for a while swear there's a ghost here. I would have one come talk to you and tell you about their experience, but I don't see the ones I'm thinking of."

But she did give me a sheet that explained the history of Maryland Farms (the area in Brentwood where Mere Bulles is located). It's how I found out the restaurant was once a home called Maryland Manor, which was built by the Ward family in 1942.

I'll have to give Mere Bulles a call and see if they'll talk to me about their ghost. Mostly I was just excited to have stumbled across another potential Haunt Jaunt and wantes to hurriedly share it.

One other thing I'd like to note: whatever that different energy was that I felt, it was warm and kindly, not scary at all. Inviting is even a word that comes to mind.

On the sheet the hostess gave me it said that the Ward family enjoyed entertaining in their home and did so often. I'm wondering if maybe that's why I felt something. Our server had mentioned there'd been a party there the night before. Maybe the ghost was still basking in the fun of that?

Or maybe it had something to do with Sunday Brunch. That might make for a different vibe, one that either the ghost likes, is attracted to, or feeds off of. (Can't say as I blame him/her either. That was one of the best brunches I've been to in a while. There was a chocolate fountain and everything!)


If you live in Nashville or ever come for a visit, in addition to Sunday Brunch Mere Bulles also serves lunch and dinner. Here's their address, phone number and website:

5201 Maryland Way
Brentwood, TN 37027